About US


 Zeena Amer 

Iraqi Designer & Artist 


About  the artist:

I am a local Artist from Iraq/Baghdad, lived in Albuquerque for 13 years moved to Michigan in 2021.  At age fifteen I studied Art and Design in Institute of Fine Arts for five years, and graduated with Diploma in Design. 
After I went to the Art College/University of Baghdad for another four years in 2002 I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Textile Design, then started practising art as my career. 


The inspiration for the paintings, vases, and ceramics comes from the Mediterranean and the Southwest of Albuquerque culture. From the small city I grew up in, which was filled with all kinds of date trees, the sound of roosters crowing in the morning, the river and the trees to Albuquerque nature and my lovely family.

In my designs, you can find symbols like the dreamcatcher from  Native American's believes. 
Also from the Mediterranean culture Hamsa Hand, Evil  Eye, Seven eyes, as an amulet to protect you from envy. 

Paints and stones: 

I drew most of my painting with Acrylic paint and I love to decorate them with gems stones and shapes to make them 3D pieces.
With my ceramic pieces, I am using the Wonderglaze NON-TOXIC. LEAD-FREE. FOOD SAFE paint.

with mugs I use both paint the Acrylic & Wonderglaze and both are Safe Food/ Microwave& Dishwasher. 

  In Jan/15/2019 I opened my own business art (Xena_Art). to share my art creation love story. 

Today my art sold @ ScoJo's Gifts and Card store NM/ABQ, also

@ www.minujewels.com