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Original artwork is done in Arabic design by Xena Arts. The artwork on one side of the vase.   or tow sides.  This vase makes a beautiful addition to any home.  Handmade in New Mexico.

The inspiration for the vases, and ceramics comes from the Mediterranean and the Southwest of Albuquerque culture.

From the small city I grew up in, which was filled with all kinds of date trees, the sound of roosters crowing in the morning, the river, and the trees to Albuquerque nature and my lovely family.

 In my designs, you can find symbols like the dreamcatcher from  Native American's belives. 

Also from the Mediterranean culture Hamsa Hand, Evil  Eye, Seven eyes, as an amulet to protect you from envy.

With my ceramic pieces, I am using the Wonderglaze NON-TOXIC. LEAD-FREE. FOOD SAFE paint


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